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The Center for Applied Physics and Technology (CAPT) was founded on December 23, 2007, chaired by Academician Xian-Tu He, a renowned theoretical physicist. 

The missions of CAPT are as follows. 
- To substantiate the fundamental researches for national major demands such as laser inertial confinement fusion;
- To probe into challenging scientific research frontiers including high energy density physics; 
- To promote academic interactions both domestic and international; and
- To train and educate devoted and innovative young scientists.


68 researchers include:
Six members of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Six Cheung Kong Scholars
Sixteen Distinguished Young Scholars

Four Recipients of the New Century Excellent Talents 

Some recent research topics of CAPT are as follows. 
- High energy density condensed-matter physics including warm dense matter physics etc.;
- Exploration and computational design of new materials with novel properties; 
- Atomic physics in the field of intense lasers;Energetic charged-particle acceleration physics under strong fields;
- Laser-plasma physics;
- Hydrodynamic instabilities and compressible turbulence;
- Scientific computing relevant to the above subjects. 

CAPT has carried out about seventy research projects in the field of high energy density physics, and published about 12 hundred papers since 2007. Many of them appeared in leading journals such as Nature Physics, Nature Communication, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, etc. In Physical Review Letters alone, CAPT members have published more than thirty papers. 

CAPT has now become one of the major research centers on high energy density physics in China, and caught attention among the international academic community. Based on CAPT, we have been approved to establish the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of High Energy Density Physics Simulations, the Research Base of Fundamental Science and Technology, and the Peking University Branch of Ministry of Education IFSA Center. CAPT hosted International Conference on High Energy Density Physics, as well as many research workshops and symposiums. These activities offer opportunities to promote interactions among domestic and international scientists, and the impact of China researchers.


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