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Scientific Program
Highlights of Plenary and Invited Talks
Dario Alf��, Complementary approaches to high temperature-high pressure crystal structure stability and melting [pdf]
F. N. Beg, Investigation of Fast Electron Spatial Energy Distribution into Imploded High Density Plasmas using Cu-doped CD

Shell-Cone Targets [pdf]

Marco Borghesi, Development of laser-driven ion sources: new acceleration regimes and transport methods [pdf]

Hong-bo Cai, Study on the transport of a relativistic electron beam in plasmas [pdf]
Liming Chen, High contrast femtosecond laser-drivenelections for x-ray generation [pdf]
Thomas Cowan, New Science Opportunities in High Energy Density Physics with High Power Lasers at the European XFEL [pdf]
R. Paul Drake, Studies of Dynamical, Flowing High-Energy-Density Plasmas [pdf]
Liming Chen, High contrast femtosecond laser-drivenelections for x-ray generation [pdf]
William Goldstein, The Science of Fusion Ignition on NIF [pdf]
Xiang Gao,Theoretical Simulation of High Energy Density Two-Temperature Plasma [pdf]
Yuqiu Gu, Research Activities on HEDP at STPPL [pdf]
Bjorn Manuel Hegelich, Laser-Particle Acceleration in Transparent Overdense Plasmas: from Trident to The Texas Petawatt [pdf]
Dieter H. H. Hoffmann, High Energy Density Physics with intense Heavy Ion Beams [pdf]
Javier J. Honrubia, Electron-Driven Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets: Integrated Simulations and Control of Hot Electron Divergence [pdf]
Chandrasekhar Joshi, High Energy Density Physics with Ultra-relativistic Electron Beams and on Collisionless-Shock

Acceleration of Ions [pdf]

Christoph H. Keitel, Extremely high-intensity laser interactions with fundamental quantum systems [pdf]

Michel Koenig, Direct laser-driven quasi-isentropic compression of iron in the context of telluric planets interiors [pdf]

Thomas K��hl, Strong-Field Physics using Lasers and Relativistic Heavy Ions at the High-Energy Storage Ring Hesr at Fair [pdf]

B. Grant Logan, Magnetized High Energy Density Plasmas [pdf]
Chikang Li, Structure and Dynamics of Supersonic Plasma Jets,Jet Collisions��and their Spontaneous Fields [pdf]
Jie Liu, Semicalssical Modeling of Nonsequemtial Double Ionization of Atoms and Molecules with Linearly or Circularly Polarized Intense
Laser Fields [pdf]
Jinghong Li, Numerical Simulation of Laser Inertial Confinement Fusion [pdf]
Ke Lan, Photopumping of X-ray lasers by XFEL radiation [pdf]
Wei Lu, Ultrahigh Brightness Electron Beam Generation in Plasma Accelerators and Ultrashort Electron Probe for Plasma Wakefield [pdf]
Yutong Li, Studies of secondary sources and laboratory astrophysics driven by intense laser pulses [pdf]
Andrea Macchi, Routes to Advanced Laser-Plasma Ion Acceleration [pdf]
J��rgen Meyer-ter-Vehn, New Routes to Single Attosecond Pulses [pdf]
Kunioki Mima, Stabilization of the Weibel Instability by External Magnetic Field in the Ultra-intense Short Pulse Laser [pdf]
Yanming Ma, Structural Prediction of High-Density Materials via CALYPSO Methodology [pdf]
Yanyun Ma, Research on High energy Physics at NUDT: present and prospective [pdf]
Kazuhisa Nakajima, The 100 GeV Ascent by Large-Scale Laser-Plasma Acceleration [pdf]
Peter A. Norreys, Parametric Instability Control for High Energy Density Science [pdf]
Antonio Roberto Piriz, Dynamic stabilization of Rayleigh-Taylor instability in ablation fronts [pdf]
Bin Qiao, Characterization of proton beams generated from advanced fast-ignition related hemisphere-cone target by intense laser pulses [pdf]
R. Ramis, Symmetry Analysis of a Direct-Drive Shock-Ignition Scheme for the Laser Megajoule [pdf]
Baifei Shen, Generation of extreme optical field with laser plasma interaction [pdf]
Zhengming Sheng, Collisional Effects on Electron Beam Transport in Dense Plasma [pdf]
William M. Tang, Extreme Scale Computational Algorithms Challenges in Fusion Energy Sciences [pdf]
Jianming Xue , Irradiation Damage of High Energy Neutrons to Optical Materials in ICF Facility [pdf]
Jianmin Yuan, Thermodynamics, Transports, and Structures of Warm and Hot Dense Matter: First Principles Langevin Molecular
Dynamics Study [pdf]
Wei Yu, The Trapping of EM Radiation by Self-Generated and Preformed Cavity in Near-Critical-Density Plasma [pdf]
Xueqing Yan, Laser driven plasma lens for pulse shaping/cleaning and ion acceleration [pdf]
Jian Zheng , Interaction of 0.53��m laser pulse with millimeter-scale plasmas generated by gasbag target [pdf]
Jiayong Zhong, Investigation of Extremely Strongly Laser Driven Magnetic Reconnections [pdf]
Ping Zhang, Transport properties and equations of states for dense deuterium-tritium-helium plasmas [pdf]
Yongtao Zhao, Activities in Heavy Ion Beam Driven HEDP Research at IMP, Lanzhou [pdf]
  Center for Applied Physics and Technology, Peking University
  Key Laboratory of High Energy Density Physics Simulation (Peking University), Ministry of Education.
  State key laboratory of turbulence and complex systems

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