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1. Cong Wang, Xian-Tu He, and Ping Zhang, Ab Initio Simulation of Dense Helium Plasmas, Physical Review Letter. 106. 145002. (2011).


2. Ee Han, Jiequan Li, and Huangzhong Tang, Accuracy of the adaptive GRP scheme and the simulation of 2-D Riemann problems for compressible Euler equations, Communications in Computational Physics . 10? (2011). 577-606.


3. Zhicheng Yang, Peng He, and Huanzhong Tang, A direct Eulerian GRP scheme for relativistic hydrodynamics: One-dimensional case, Journal of Computational Physics 230, (2011)7964-7987


4. Dafang Li, Ping Zhang, and Jun Yan, Quantum molecular dynamics simulations for the nonmetal-metal transition in shocked methane, Physical Review B 84, 184204(2011)


5. Bao Lihua, Wu Zeqing, Duan Bin, Ding Yongkun, and Yan Jun, Si

mulations of the spectrum from a photoionized Si plasma, Physics of Plasmas 18, 023301 (2011).


6. D. F. Li, P. Zhang, J. Yan and H. Y. Liu, Melting curve of lithium from quantum molecular-dynamics simulations, European Physics Letters 95, 56004(2011).


7. 曾思良,倪飞飞,何建锋,邹士阳,颜君,强磁场中氢原子的能级结构,物理学报 Vol.60, No.042011043201


8. Xiaojian Shu, Tangchao Peng, Yuhuan Dou, Chirped pulse amplification in a free-electron laser amplifier, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 184 (2011) 350–353


9. Qing-Dong Cai, Lattice Boltzmann simulation of flows in bifurcate channel at rotating inflow boundary conditions and resulted different outflow fluxes,? Acta Mechanica Sinica (2011) 27(4): 510-518.


10. Qing-Dong Cai, Shiyi Chen, A memory-Saving Algorithm for Spectral Method of Three-Dimensional Homogenneous Isotropic Turbulence, Communications in Computational Physics, 9(5): 1152-1164, 2011


11. Cai Qing-Dong , Chen Shi-Yi, Sheng Xiaowei,? Numerical simulation of two-dimensional granular shearing flows and the friction force of a moving slab on the granular media. Chinese Physics B, Vol. 20, No. 2 (2011)



12. Lihua Cao, Mo Chen, Zongqing Zhao, Hongbo Cai, Sizhong Wu, Yuqiu Gu, Wei Yu, M. Y. Yu, and X. T. He, Efficient laser absorption and enhanced electron yield in the laser-target interaction by using a cone-nanolayer target, Physics Plasmas 18, 054501 (2011).


13. Jinping Yao, Ya Cheng, Jing Chen, Haisu Zhang, Han Xu, Hui Xiong, Bin Zeng, Wei Chu, Jielei Ni, Xiaojun Liu, and Zhizhan Xu, Generation of narrow-bandwidth, tunable, coherent xuv radiation using high-order harmonic generation, Physical Review A 83, 033835 (2011).


14. Xiaolei Hao, Weidong Li, Jie Liu, and Jing Chen, Effect of the electron initial longitudinal velocity on the nonsequential double-ionization process, Physical Review A 83, 053422 (2011).


15. Xiaowei Li, Qian Wang, and Puru Jena, Ferromagnetism in Two-Dimensional Carbon Chains Linked by 1,3,5-Benzenetriyl Units, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, (2011)115: 19621-19625


16. Xianwei Li, and Qian Wang, Tunable ferromagnetism in assembled two dimensional triangular graphene nanoflakes, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2011:1-5


17. W. H. Ye, L. F. Wang, Competitions between Rayleigh–Taylor instability and Kelvin–Helmholtz instability with continuous density and velocity profiles, Physics of Plasmas? 18, 022704 (2011)


18. B. L. Yang, L.F. Wang, W. H. Ye, C. Xue, Magnetic field gradient effects on Rayleigh-Taylor instability with continuous magnetic field and density profiles. Physics Plasmas 18, 072111 (2011)


19. Zhengfeng Fan, Chuang Xue, Lifeng Wang, Wenhua Ye, and Shaoping Zhu, Influence of real gas effects on ablative Rayleigh-Taylor instability in plastic target, Physics of Plasmas 18, 062108(2011)


20. Qiong-Lin Ni, Xiao-Gang Zhang, and Tie-Shuan Fan, A full-f calculation of spontaneous toroidal rotation in H-mode plasmas, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53 (2011)085027


21. Ingo Hofmann, Jürgen Meyer-ter-Vehn, Xueqing Yan, Anna Orzhekhovskaya, and Stepan Yaramyshev, Collection and focusing of laser acclerated ion beams for therapy applications, Physical Review Specila Topics-Accelerators and Beams, 14, 031304 (2011)


22. F. L. Zheng, S. Z. Wu, C. T. Zhou, H. Y. Wang, X. Q. Yan and X. T. He, An ultra-short and TeV quasi-monoenergetic ion beam generation by laser wakefield accelerator in the snowplow regime, European Physics Letters, 95 (2011) 55005


23. H. Y. Wang, C. Lin, F. L. Zheng, Y. R. Lu, Z. Y. Guo, X. T. He, J. E. Chen and X. Q. Yan,? High-quality proton bunch from laser interaction with a gas-filled cone target , Physics of Plasmas 18, 093105 (2011).


24. H. Y. Wang, C. Lin, Z. M. Sheng, B. Liu, S. Zhao, Z. Y. Guo, Y. R. Lu, X. T. He, J. E. Chen and X. Q. Yan, Laser Shaping of a Relativistic Intense, Short Gaussian Pulse by a Plasma Lens, Physical Review Letters, 107,265002(2011)


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30. Mian Mian Wu, Qian Wang, Qiang Sun, and Puru Jena, Reaction-Induced Magnetic Transition in Mn2 Dimers, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A , 2011, 115, 549-555


31. Jian Zhou, Qian Wang, Qiang Sun, and Puru Jena, Enhanced Hydrogen Storage on Li Functionalized BC3 Nanotube, The journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2011, 115: 6136-6140.


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33. Hong Min Zhao MiaoMiaoWu, QianWang, and Puru Jena, Effects of charging and doping on orbital hybridizations and distributionsin TiO2 clusters, Physica B 406 (2011) 4322–4326


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35. Jian Zhou, Qian Wang, Qiang Sun, and Puru Jena, Intrinsic ferromagnetism in two-dimensional carbon structures: Triangular graphene nanoflakes linked by carbon chainsPhysical Review B 84, 081402 (2011)


36. F. X. Li, and X. L. Zhou, Simulations of gradual domain-switching in polycrystalline ferroelectrics using an optimization-based, multidomain-grain model, Computers and Structures 89 (2011) 1142-1147.


37. X. L. Zhou, and F. X. Li, Simulations of domain evolution in morphotropic ferroelectric ceramics under electromechanical loading using an optimization-based model, Journal of Applied Physics 109, 084107 (2011)


38. Hong-bo Cai, Shao-ping Zhu, X. T. He, Si-zhong Wu, Mo Chen, Magnetic collimation of fast electrons in specially engineered targets irradiated by ultraintense laser pulses, Physics of Plasmas 18, 023106 (2011).


39. Hong-bo Cai, Shao-ping Zhu, Mo Chen, Si-zhong Wu, X. T. He, and Kunioki Mima, Magnetic-field generation and electron-collimation analysis for propagating fast electron beams in overdense plasmas, Physical Review E 83, 036408 (2011).


40. Z. J. Liu, C. Y. Zheng, X. T. He, and Yugang Wang,“Stimulated backward Brillouin scattering in two ion species plasmas”, Phys. Plasmas, 18, 032705, (2011).



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