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Prof. Haiqing Lin was invited to report in the Center

Professor Haiqing Lin, the director of the China Academy of Engineering Physics and the Beijing Computational Science Research Center, was invited to give a speech at the Center for Applied Physics and Technology (CAPT) on April 16th. There she made an academic talk entitled “Simulation of Optical Properties of Nanostructures”. The dean of the Center, Xian-Tu He, held this report, and all the teachers and students from the Center, College of Engineering, School of Mathematical Sciences and School of Physics attended.


In this talk, she gave a report about some of our recent studies on optical properties of nanostructures by computer simulation combined with experiments. Results presented including:


(i) Universal scaling and Fano resonance in the plasmon coupled gold nanorods; 

(ii) Observation of three different kinds of Fano resonances in metal–dielectric core–shell nanoparticle clusters; 

(iii) Spectral tuning by nanoantenna.


Professor Lin got his PhD degree in Physics in 1987 at the University of California, San Diego, America. He had been appointed to work in the U.S. Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Department of Physics in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For now, he is the professor of the Department of Physics in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since the 2009 Aug., he worked as the director of China Academy of Engineering Physics and Beijing Computational Science Research Center. His research focuses on strongly correlated systems, quantum entanglement, and quantum phase transitions, as well as the numerical methods of multi-body system etc.




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