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报告题目Turbulence? Tachycardia? and What to do about it
报告人Prof. Predrag Cvitanovic (Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology)
主持人:康炜 特聘研究员

摘要:In the world of moderate Reynolds number, everyday turbulence of fluids flowing across planes and down pipes a velvet revolution is taking place. Experiments are almost as detailed as the numerical simulations, DNS is yielding exact numerical solutions that one dared not dream about a decade ago, and dynamical systems visualization of turbulent fluid's state space geometry is unexpectedly elegant.

Suppose you have no interest in turbulence, but you do want to live long. Well, the same insights might enable us to nudge your heart away from a disagreeable cardiac arrhythmia and back to life by applying milliwatts instead frying you with kilowatt jolts.

We shall take you on a tour of this newly breached, hitherto inaccessible territory. Mastery of fluid mechanics is no prerequisite, and perhaps a hindrance: the talk is aimed at anyone who had ever wondered why - if no cloud is ever seen twice - we know a cloud when we see one? And how do we turn that into mathematics?


Predrag Cvitanovic, (born 1 April 1946 in Zagreb, Croatia) is currently an endowed Professor of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is highly regarded for his work in nonlinear dynamics, particularly his contributions to periodic orbit theory. Perhaps his best-known work is his introduction of cycle expansions—that is, expansions based on using periodic orbit theory—to approximate chaotic dynamics in a controlled perturbative way. This technique has proven to be widely useful for diagnosing and quantifying chaotic dynamics in problems ranging from atomic physics to neurophysiology.

He worked briefly on a General Motors assembly line upon first arriving in the United States,and earned his Ph.D. at Cornell University in 1973. Before joining the physics department at the Georgia Institute of Technology he was the director of the Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies and Carlsberg Found. He is a corresponding member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, a recipient of the Research Prize of the Danish Physical Society, and a fellow of American Physical Society.

In 2009 Prof. Cvitanovic was the recipient of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Prize for his work in turbulence theory.



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