Hanchen Huang博士报告通知

报告题目Development of Parallel Computers and Its Applications to Platelet Modeling
报告人Peng Zhang, Ph.D. ( Applied Mathematics Department, Stony Brook University)
主持人:康炜 特聘研究员

摘要:This presentation focuses on two aspects of parallel computing, i.e., development and applications of parallel computers. First, development of supercomputers in the past decade is introduced in terms of system sizes, architectures, interconnection networks, topologies, and software revolutions. The design and analysis of networking subsystems is emphasized for devised more effective and efficient algorithms to make better use of the superior characteristics of state-of-the-art parallel computers. Accordingly, a formulation for the task mapping in efficient application of a parallel computer with complex networks such as torus is introduced. Secondly, utilizing the supercomputer power, a coarse-grained platelet model based on discrete/dissipative particle dynamics on the micro/nano scales is developed and discussed.


Peng Zhang
Department of Applied Mathematics
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3600
URL: http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/~penzhang

B.S. Computational Mathematics Department of Mathematics, Nankai University, China 2003
M.S. Parallel Computing Institute of Scientific Computing, Nankai University, China 2006
Ph.D Applied Mathematics Department of Applied Mathematics, Stony Brook University 2012

Research Topics
Massive Parallel Processing Architectures and Algorithms
Optimizations of Large-scale Parallel Applications
Modeling the Platelet Activation using Discrete Particle Dynamics on the Micro/Nano Scales



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