Hanchen Huang博士报告通知

报告题目A Framework of Nano Crystal Growth
报告人Hanchen Huang, PhD (Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of Connecticut,USA )
报告地点: 北京大学工学院力学楼434会议室

摘要:Growth of crystalline nanorods/nanowires using physical vapor deposition is a common practice on almost all major research university campuses. While the experimentation of growing such nanorods/nanowires has been going on for a decade, one question seems to have been avoided – why are nanorods/nanowires nano in linear dimension, or what are the scientific principles that define this dimension? The seminar will try to provide an answer to this very question.

Crystal growth on solid has been a focus of research since 1950s. However, the growth of crystalline nanostructures on solid, being a part of the nano fashion, has defied the established theory of crystal growth and has gone on without a systematic theory. Recently, the speaker and his associates have developed a theoretical framework of nano crystal growth, using a combination of atomistic simulations, analytical formulations, and physical vapor deposition experiments. This framework builds on three advancements of crystal growth principles: (1) the surface diffusion over steps sensitively depends on step thickness; (2) multiple-layer steps can be kinetically stabilized, in contrast to the classical theory of Schwoebel and Shipsey (1966); and (3) a characteristic length scale develops from the coupling of diffusion kinetics and kinetic stability of multiple-layer steps.

This seminar will also touch on the mechanical deformation of nanorods/nanowires, including both size-dependent elasticity and novel plasticity.

报告人简介:Hanchen Huang holds a Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Endowed Professorship in Sustainable Energy at the University of Connecticut. He has worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is a recipient of the Royal Society of London KTP Visiting Professorship in 2010. In professional societies, he is an associate editor of ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology and an elected member of Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. Within universities, Hanchen Huang has chaired the University Honors and Awards Committee, has chaired Faculty Search Committee, and has served as the Director of Mechanical Engineering Program at RPI; and he has chaired the Executive Committee of Center for Clean Energy Engineering at UConn. Hanchen Huang’s research is interdisciplinary and focuses on surface processing and nanomechanics, through a combination of atomistic simulations, analytical formulations, and vapor deposition experiments. He has published 100+ refereed journal papers, which have been cited for 2000+ times according to SCI; and has delivered 100+ invited/keynote lectures at professional society meetings/workshops and seminars at academic institutions.



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