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报告题目:Understanding the Mechanical Properties of Fused Carbon Nanotube Network via Multiscale Modeling
Albert C. To, PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Pittsburgh, USA
主持人:唐少强 教授


Carbon nanotube (CNT) has extraordinary thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties in one dimension. Translating these 1D properties to 3 dimensions require joining CNTs together via covalently-bonded junctions into a 3D network. In this talk, we present our modeling work in using heat welding together with mechanical vibration to enable junction to form between pristine single-walled CNTs. It is shown that the temperature required to form junctions is much lower with the addition of mechanical vibration. Next, the mechanical property of the CNT junctions will also be presented, and it is found that the stiffness of the junction is not always a function of the number of bonds contained in the junction. We will also present a random algorithm devised to generate the random network of CNTs and also a robust method for generating atomistic models of complex-shaped carbon graphitic structures from their computer-aided designed (CAD) models. The proposed method builds on well-developed mesh generation technology for finite element (FE) analysis, and thus the method inherits two advantages from FE mesh generation methods: 1) high efficiency and 2) adaptivity to highly complex geometry.


Professor Albert To is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He received his B.S. degree and PhD at U.C. Berkeley and his M.S. degree at MIT. He was a postdoctoral research fellow at Northwestern University prior to joining University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include computational nanomechanics and multiscale modeling and simulation. In 2009, he received the prestigious US National Science Foundation (NSF) BRIGE award for his early achievement in both research and education.




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