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Prof. Andrew Ng. was invited to report in the Center

Professor Andrew Ng from University of British Columbia Canada was invited by the center to gave an academic report in 13th March, which topic is Electron kinetics in non-equilibrium Warm Dense Matter. More than fifty students have attend this report, hosted by Professor Wei Kang. 
In this seminar, Professor Ng has discussed an experimental investigation of electron thermalization resulting from photo-excitation of 5d electrons in non-equilibrium warm dense Au with energy densities up to 4.3MJ/kg (0.8x1011J/m3).


Professor Andrew Ng doing seminar


Prof.Andrew Ng obtained his B.Sc. degree in Physics & Mathematics from The University of Hong Kong, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Plasma Physics from The University of Western Ontario in Canada.He was National Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta before joining the faculty of the Department of Physics at The University of British Columbia in 1980. Since then his research interest has been focused on laser-driven shock waves and femtosecond-laser matter interaction for the investigation of high energy density states in a regime that he call Warm Dense Matter. In January 2003, he joined The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as Scientific Director of the Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF). With the successful establishment of JLF, he returned to UBC in September 2008 to continue his research as an Emeritus Professor. In 2000, he founded the International Workshop on Warm Dense Matter that has since been held in Canada (2000), Germany (2002), Canada (2005), France (2007), Japan (2009), U.S.A. (2011), France (2013), Japan (2015), and Canada (2017). Ng is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and an IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) Fellow. He is also the recipient of the 1997 IEEE NPSS (Nuclear & Plasma Science Society) Merit Award, the 2006 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Science & Technology Award, and the 2012 IEEE NPSS PSAC (Plasma Science & Application Committee) Award.


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