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[2017-04-20] Multiscale and Multiphysics Simulation of Composite Materials with FOOF (Finite element solver based on Object-Oriented Fortran) Environment

[2017-04-18] Magnetostriction Power Generation — Energy Harvesting Material for IoT System without Battery

[2017-04-17] Domain Decomposition Methods for Time Harmonic Waves

[2016-11-14] Revealing Novel Phases and Laser-Matter Interactions under Extreme Conditions
[2016-07-22] Some techniques for building Artificial Boundary Conditions for Schrödinger equations
[2016-07-21] From attobeams to Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities: kinetic plasma modelling at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre
[2016-03-31] Improving Energy Coupling for Fast Ignition
[2016-03-14] High power laser driven ion and neutron sources -- overview of research activities at QUB
[2015-12-29] Nanostructure surface passivation and ligand induced surface morphology changes
[2015-12-29] Quantized vortex stability and dynamics in superfluidity and superconductivity
[2015-11-24] Stimulus Responsive Polymers Composites: Recent Status and Future Perspective
[2015-11-17] In situ characterization of defect-twin boundary interactions under heavy ion irradiation
[2015-11-17] R&D on fusion materials at SCK-CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre)
[2015-10-27] A Multiscale Micromorphic Molecular Dynamics (MMMD) and Its Applications
[2015-10-19] Measuring Matter at Solar Interior Conditions
[2015-09-15] Modeling and Simulation Challenges in Materials Design for Additive Manufacturing Applications
[2015-06-02] Superatoms: A Strategy for Designer Materials

[2015-04-15] Lecture Series——Milos M. Skoric
[2014-10-28] Evolution of Lagrangian structures in transitional wall-bounded flows
[2014-10-21] Ab initio study of thermodynamically consistent physical properties of warm dense plasma
[2014-10-14] Ab initio and atomistic simulations of aqueous environments and nanomaterials for energy applications and material design
[2014-10-14] A work-dominated hot-spot ignition scheme for indirect-drive inertial confinement fusion
[2014-09-30] Bringing astrophysics to laboratories
[2014-09-07] Laser-Plasma Interactions near the Quarter-Critical-Density Surface in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion and Shock Ignition
[2014-05-13] Numerical Relativity and Double Black Hole Simulation
[2014-04-29] State Equation and Optical Properties of Beryllium Expansion in the research of Quantum-Molecular-Dynamics Simulations
[2014-04-16] Simulation of Optical Properties of Nanostructures


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